Sunday, 22 February 2009

Crafty daydreams

Work is very quiet today so I have been daydreaming about the cushion I want to make when I get home. I have also been naughty and have been blog hopping when no one is looking, there is so much lovely inspiration out there. The blogs of my RVA classmates are especially pretty...

L x

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Project number 3

"What happened to number 2?" the more observant among you are asking. Let's just say it's not a come home at 11pm and start playing with the sewing machine kind of project (or at least not for me and my limited sewing skills - I need all my wits about me for that one!)

Anyway, this project was much more up my street so I got home from work and got stuck in. How cute are these felt teepees? If I can find the space to display them, I think I might end up with a teepee village. Now I just need to find someone who looks more at home by a teepee than Stitch does!

L x

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Project number 1

Well I finally got around to starting on the first project from Rachel and Elsie's class. I have the cover finished and the pages are ready to decorate. I am going to fill it with things that I am in love with right now, I just need to get some photos printed off and I'll be ready to go. Sadly I'm at work today so not much time for play now until monday, can't wait to see the next project though!

L x

It must be love...

How fabulous is this skirt? I fell in love with it at first sight, the print was just too cute to ignore. Knowing full well that it was far too short for my taste (and my thighs), I went ahead and bought it anyway. When it arrived I fell even more in love, it is made of the softest sweatshirt material and feels devine.

Happily (well not happily at the time, at the time I was heart broken) I had a top made from a gorgeous print fabric that had shrunk in the wash (I must remember to buy everything from primark at least a couple of sizes too big). With a bit of cutting and the use of my much neglected sewing machine I had the skirt of my dreams.

I feel much more customising is on the way...

(Check out the AD LOVE etsy store, her hoodies and tops are fabulous too)

L x

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Cybercrop creations

Having not felt very much in the mood for scrapping recently I have done a few mini books and CJs but not much else. The UKS cybercrop was just the kick start I needed to rediscover my missing mojo. There were some really inspiring classes on offer and I am now itching to scrap some more.

Some of my creations from the weekend...

L x