Saturday, 26 October 2013

Wrapped and ready

My first handmade christmas gift of 2013 is wrapped up and ready to go! I figure if I wrap them as I complete them I will be able to put them away and not worry about them getting dusty or grubby. I'll just ignore the fact that there are still birthdays in the next couple of months that I don't have gifts for and pretend I am organised for once!

Trying my hand at machine appliqué today. Another gift, this time a cot size quilt. Loving the happy cat with his trumpet. If this quilt was bigger I think I'd struggle to give it away, I'm planning to back it in pink minky which I can't stop stroking, it's so soft.
Think I might do a bit of Halloweeney decorating later. Might be back with some pics...

- L xx

Thursday, 24 October 2013

A whole year!

I can't believe it has been almost a whole year since my last post. Things have been pottering along here as usual. Crafty and bakey and gardeningey as always, I just don't seem to have gotten around to blogging about any of it.

Anyway pretty much following on from my last post I am in the middle of my pre-Christmas crafting frenzy once again. Handmade gifts, decorations, cards... whenever I am off work I am covered in threads or glitter or paint!

I thought I'd share the first completed gift I can tick off my to do list. It's a lap quilt for a friend of mine who shares my love of being cosy under a quilt watching dvds. Sorry about the poor photos, they're suffering from a lack of natural light like me!

I really love the scribble backing fabric. I couldn't work out what fabric I could use to pull all the bright colours together until I spotted this one.

- L xx