Sunday, 15 March 2009

Bubble tea?

While in town on friday indulging in some crafty shopping I treated myself to a bubble tea/hot choc drink and a custard bun, oh how I love custard buns.But ever since a question has been puzzling me. What do you call bubble tea when it is actually hot chocolate?? On the menu in Ho's this delightful drink is called "pearl bubble tea - chocolate flavour (hot)" but that seems a bit too much of a mouthful. I also bought some of the coolest fabric I have seen in ages, I will try and get a photo as soon as I am at home in the daytime. Working shifts really does not help my photography, I need daylight.

How cute is the image on the cup lid?? I have kept it and plan to use it for something, no idea what but I couldn't throw it away!

The cushion mentioned in my previous post is now finished and just waiting for a chance for a photo to upload here. I love it so much and have already cut out the pieces to make another for a special person who seems to love my cushion almost as much as I do :)
L x

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