Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Red Panda Love

Inspired by Shimelle's sketch I finally got around to scrapping these photos from a trip to Chester Zoo almost six months ago. I really love red pandas, they are one of my "must see" animals whenever I go to the zoo (along with otters, tapirs, monkeys...). This sketch was perfect for a multi photo layout and the digi template Shimelle is giving away made it really easy to do.

Well, it was easy apart from the stitching, that took ages. I had been planning to just zip round the edges with my machine but it has finally decided to give up the ghost. I have taken it to pieces and attempted to doctor it with some super duper super glue and am currently giving it 48 hours to set before I try it out. In the end I resorted to a Papermania stitch template which has been lurking amongst my tools (unused) for ages. I love the end result, especially as the thread is sparkly, but boy did it take a long time (and more patience than I thought I had!)

Check out the Scrap Like You Mean It section on UKS for loads more inspiration from Shimelle.

I am having a happy day today. My shift at work finished yesterday so I am at the start of four days off. My guy finishes work at 1 today and is coming round to see me. I just got a box of yumminess delivered from Sarah's Cards (AC Blue Skies if you're interested).

Wishing everyone a happy day too :)

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