Saturday, 15 May 2010

Granny Square Love

I am currently in the middle of two crochet projects and being a crochet newbie I am feeling rather proud. One is a giant granny square that will hopefully make it to blanket size eventually if I have enough matching wool. The other is a pile of basic granny squares that will hopefully also make it into a blanket. I love the fact that I can crochet on the move or while watching tv and that despite being a complete begginner I can create something that looks quite good (unlike when I knit and anything more complicated than a stocking stitch scarf looks like it has been attacked by a crazed kitty). I'll put some photos of my crochet projects on here as soon as I get around to taking any. In the mean time I have been dreaming about my next project, some of these may be a bit ambitious though...

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