Tuesday, 15 July 2008

40 days - mini book giveaway

Today I have a mini book up for grabs. All you have to do to win it is to leave a comment on this post telling me about your favourite way to spend your birthday. I'll pick one comment and send you this mini book along with a few matching embellies so you can decorate it and fill it up with whatever takes your fancy.
If you'd like a better look at the prize then just click on the corners of the book on the widget below and drag to turn the pages (fingers crossed it works, its the first time I've tried this one)

Also a quick reminder to check out the Guvs blog to see all of the 40 days posts so far
ETA - i forgot to say you have until midnight BST on Wednesday 23rd July to enter. Check back on Thursday 24th to find out who's won!


Jess said...

Good job on the widget! It worked well and it is such a cute mini book. I love the pockets and the bright colors!

Birthdays are so important to me that I like to make it my birthday week! It usually consists of a day with my hunny (usually seeing a musical), a party and being pampered the whole week! I would really be content with just spending my birthday with loved ones.

Thanks for the giveaway!

pamala said...

OOOOOOOHHHHH, so pretty! Love it!
My fav way to spend my bday is by sleeping in, then going to breakfast, then taking a ride with my dh on the back of his Harley, then maybe going somewhere fun, hmmmmmm how about the Grand Canyon, taking a little helicopter ride over, then zipping over to Niagra Falls to catch a view of some lovely water, then of course out to dinner someplace really scenic and lovely, have a wee little party with lots of friends and family and chocolate rapsberry cake and then a nice little ride home. :)
Realistically it's getting to sleep in an hour or 2 past my normal 5 AM get up time, and some chocolate cake. Maybe a bike ride with dh too. :) he he A girl can dream, can't she? ;)

stampinc said...

Count me in on this PURPLE notebook. That's my favorite color, so I have to play for sure. For birthdays in our family, you get to pick what you want for dinner or pick a resturant. We get the whole family together on a weekend to celebrate and play games and eat ice cream and cake. Thanks for a chance.

Janean Campbell said...

Great job with getting the slide show thing set up...Works like a dream.

To me I love to spend my birthday with friends and family...I like to just relax and enjoy the pampering.

The mini book is gorgeous. Thanks for the offer.

Beverley Todd said...

Fab mini book Elliemook ... I LOVE it! Not commenting to win (obviously! LOL)Just wanted to say great job with the widget thingy - be sure to post a link on the forum so we can all have a go!
& my fave way to spend a birthday??? Ummm ... how about a 40 day international blog hop with my bestest blogging buddies from all over the world ;o)
Thanks for joining in & making my 40th so special!

Shirley said...

I love this book! So many nooks and crannies and pockets and such!

I love to spend my birthday with my immediate family....not too much fuss. A good meal(not prepared by me!) and a few cards from loved ones telling me how much they love me!!! Well, if they wanted to shower me with gifts of a scrapping nature or a trip to a spa I wouldn't say no either!!! LOL! :D

Christina said...

The widget worked wonderfully!! And I love purple, so count me in!

How would I spend my birthday...In our family, we get the whole weekend. We get to choose the menu, movies, family night games, and color for the car game.

So first, I would pick purple cars. Then southern type foods for dinners, like country fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and fried okra. Family night would be spent playing Gin Rummy and watching Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Bibi said...

Ooh love the mini book! Well, my favourite way to spend my birthday is to spend a bit of time on everything that I love doing, so getting pampered at a day spa with a facial/massage, spending some time eating a meal with friends, taking heaps of photos, and then scrapping about the day! :)

Anonymous said...

The best way to spend a birthday is with the ones you love; have a bar-b-q and enjoy a bit of company. Even though I'm over thirty...I still like being told Happy Birthday and even get an occasional song sung to me...that's always fun!!!

Karen said...

Wow widget works and double wow at the book !

I try not to count birthdays now but, given that my birthday is beg of March, it was once nice enough to go for a walk on the empty beach and I loved it so now that is what I always hope for.

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dddeeebbbzzz said...

Fab mini book!
I'm celebrating my 50th birthday in August with a bbq for friends and family. I've been through old address books and invited people who I haven't seen for years! To add to the excitement I'm off to Disney resort paris on the following day with my mum, sister and two teenage nephews. What better way to celebrate! As for my birthday itself I'm not sure what's happening but a friend of mine has been asking strange questions lately!! So, it looks like being a perfect birthday!!

V Colbourne said...

Great minibook, just cute!!

My birthday has always been a blast! It's in the summer (just a month away...woot woot) and I always get to do the best things. I always try to spend it with someone I love- dear boyfriend, dad, mom, brother, friends, etc. This year my Dad and Brother are flying me across Canada to be with them on my birthday. I am uber excited!!!

Timi O. Mercado said...

I love that book. Tha's my favorite color.

Anyway, I love celebrating with my family and friends. I have a little celebration. My friends give me gifts which I open with them. Of course, we have our photos taken.

Nicole&3P's said...

This year I have been invited to a BBQ with a group of friends. That was great! A wonderful party and no dirty dishes (for me) afterwards.
BTW - I love the book!
Greetings from Germany

Kimmarie said...

What a Great Mini! So pretty!!! My dream birthday would be to spend 10 days with my scrapping friends on a cruise to just scrap and chat the days away, 10 days of mommy and me time with my girls at Disney, 10 days with my dh at the beach and 10 days hanging with my family that I am so close to. I guess I want it all. lol

Annie217 said...

I'm a June baby so my birthday typically consists of something Summery. I love to steal the day off of work. My boyfriend planned a get away trip for us to a park with a waterfall about 45 minutes away. We arrived, hiked to the waterfall, climbed the wall (;o)) to get a closer look and checked out all the wild life. There were turtles and cat fish, it was gorgeous. We decided to take a few more hikes around the park. Eventually we went back to the car for a mini picnic. Chomping on all my favorite goodies. Went for another hike around the park to view the gorgeous trees and forest. That evening we had a small cookout at the park before heading back home, where I had a lovely ice cream cake waiting for me. It was one of my best birthdays.

canadianLN said...

I am an Xmas eve baby, so the best thing to do is to spend the evening with family & some warm drinks; laughing and watching that christmas eve snow fall.

mustangkayla said...

What a beautiful Mini Book. We don't have a tradition for my birthday. But I try to figure out a day close to my birthday that I can have the day to myself and scrap!

~Danity Doll~ said...

hiya, fabby mini book and i love your blog.

i love to spend my birthday with my friends doing something fun - this year i went to edinburgh with a few friends and had a fab time!!!

p said...

This is easy! Double chocolate cake covered with a chocolate ganache and a side of vanilla ice-cream. Candles are optional! As long as there's cake it's a good birthday in my book!

Neat little mini too!

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cpullum said...

Disneyland!!! Birthday Disneyland!!!

about me said...

i love to hear my children sing happy birthdya over and over so they each can have a turn to help me blow out my candles.

lovely, lovely book!

Cyndy Lou Whoo said...

First of all, the book is divine!! I like spending my birthdays with my best friend, David, who just so happens to be my wonderful, loving husband...and his birthday is just 7 days before mine, so he always makes me feel young!!!

cpullum said...

I love to spend my birthday eating out with family at Downtown disney!

Anonymous said...

Hi, love your mini's!
My way to spend my birthday is DH look after our DD and let me spend a whole day in the craft room
9 days and counting until my respite in my craftroom!!


Sulieen Ayala said...