Saturday, 5 July 2008

Prizes up for grabs!!

We are on to day six of the 40 days event today and there's already loads of stuff up fo grabs! Check out BTYD for todays prize, a stunning mini book created by Alix (well worth entering for I think you'll agree).
If you haven't got involved in the fun and freebies yet then check this out. Some of the past few days prizes are still up for grabs and there will be something else on offer every day for 40 days. I have to say the stars and stripes stash sounds particularly yummy! Aren't birthdays great?

And just in case you came here to see what I've been up to here's a quick card. I used the twinchie I made a while ago as a topper. Think I'll be making a few more twinchies and stashing them as toppers for speedy emergency cards when I forget peoples birthdays, which is most of the time. (Not sure why the "just for you" stamp looks kind of blurry its not like that really - honest!)

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jay670120 said...

lovely card xxx