Thursday, 24 July 2008

And the winner is.....

Pamala who said

"My fav way to spend my bday is by sleeping in, then going to breakfast, then taking a ride with my dh on the back of his Harley, then maybe going somewhere fun, hmmmmmm how about the Grand Canyon, taking a little helicopter ride over, then zipping over to Niagra Falls to catch a view of some lovely water, then of course out to dinner someplace really scenic and lovely, have a wee little party with lots of friends and family and chocolate rapsberry cake and then a nice little ride home. :)Realistically it's getting to sleep in an hour or 2 past my normal 5 AM get up time, and some chocolate cake. Maybe a bike ride with dh too. :) he he A girl can dream, can't she? ;)"

This one really appealed to me as I've always wanted to visit both the grand canyon and niagra falls. The fact that it is unlikely for anyone to enjoy all of this in one birthday doesn't matter to me, I just love the idea of it and I have to say that chocolate raspberry cake sounds pretty yummy too!

So Pamala, please get in touch so I can get the mini book parcelled up and on its way to you.

Because I am feeling generous today I also have an early birthday RAK for dddeeebbbzzz who is going to Disney (I've always wanted a Disney birthday!)